Classic concrete fencings

Sand and ground are included in the price of the fencing

The technology of concrete fencing installation consists of fixed stages of work. First, it is necessary to dig out a trench 2-25 cm width, and then we connect reinforcement with metallic elements 8-10 mm in section. Along the trench walls the fencing (boards) is placed which fixes the construction. The reinforcing niche is filled with concrete. Because of the boards foundation hardens in the right shape. In 3-4 days the boards are extracted out. In order to have harder concrete it is recommended to pour it with water for the first three days.

The prices of the monolith fencings made from classical concrete:

The burial place for 1 person    1,25 х 2,50 m   900 euro
The burial place for 2 people    2,50 х 2,50 m   1100 euro
The burial place for 3 people    3,75 х 2,50 m   1300 euro
The burial place for 4 people    5,00 х 2,50 m   1500 euro
 The burial place for 5 people   1700 euro

Work examples