Glassed concrete

Sand and ground are included in the price of the fencing.

The glassed concrete fencing is used not only for the decoration of the grave but it gives some isololation. Moreover, the glassed concrete can be seen as a great alternative to the granite one,but the first one differs in its price. The colour range of elements of the construction is professionally chosen by the specialists of the company creating an unique image of the ritual complex.

The fencing can be used in both practical application and decoration. Cubes and columns complete the construction perfectly and they underline the whole composition.
The prices of the glassed concrete fencings:

The burial place for 1 person   1,25 х 2,50 m   565 euro
The burial place for 2 people   2,50 х 2,50 m   700 euro
The burial place for 3 people   3,75 х 2,50 m   950 euro
The burial place for 4 people   5,00 х 2,50 m  1250 euro

Thin (10 x 10sm) brick fencing 550 euro

The burial place for 4 people
Glassed concrete

The burial place for 2 people
Glassed concrete
Fencing ? 620 euro